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7 Effective Real Estate Marketing Ideas For Lead Generation

It seems that by now everything under the sun has been done with regards to real estate marketing and lead generation. What can you do to stand out from the crowd? Rather than racking your brain for crazy, new, wild ideas, you can simply add a creative touch to methods that already work.

The key to effective real estate marketing is understanding what separates you from your competitors and leveraging that to shape your lead generation. You can diversify lead sources by incorporating both offline and online strategies from this trusted company https://gggmarketing.com/locations/.

Here are seven effective real estate marketing ideas guaranteed to spice up your lead generation

1. Offering Valuable Content

The importance of valuable content is probably not something new to you, but it is hard to stress its importance. Update your blog or website with valuable content so that your website ranks higher in the search engine as well as for positioning yourself as an authority.

For instance, people looking for a home to buy in a new location might ask questions like: What are the traffic conditions? How are the school districts in this location? How long is a typical commute from this area to downtown? Provide answers to the questions and establish yourself as an authority.

Ask your clients about the questions they had before selling or buying their homes. Use the responses to create blog posts that answer those questions or guides with tips for selling or buying in your location. Stay relevant to consumers in your location using content that answers their questions and helps them make better assessments and decisions.

2. Creating More Video Content

73 percent of homeowners are likely to list with real estate agents that offer to create videos for them. However, only 4 percent of agents ever put listings on YouTube. Video doubles a number of time visitors spend on a website and attracts close to 2 to 3 times as many monthly visitors. Consumers are increasingly turning to video, and you need to integrate it into your marketing efforts.

You can start by posting home tour videos on your blog and YouTube channel. You can even consider taking “Frequently Asked Questions” and turning them into videos as opposed to written text. For example, you can create video tutorials on topics such as “5 Steps to Prepare Your Home for a Showing to help it Sell Fast”.

3. Being Active on Social Media

If you are not leveraging the power of social media, you are losing out on a big opportunity to market your real estate business. For instance, Facebook Ads are not only cost effective when it comes to lead generation but also allows you to target your audience precisely. You can even target the existing leads in your database by creating Custom Audiences or simply use the Boost Post feature on Facebook.

However, while Facebook might be a great platform for promoting your real estate business, it is likely that response rates will start dropping once more realtors enter the space. It is due to this reason why you should also consider experimenting with Instagram. However, conversions on Instagram take much more work and radically different approaches from Facebook.

4. Getting Involved in Your Community

If you want to establish yourself as a local presence while still giving back, you should get involved in your community. You can consider being a guest speaker at the local community college discussing the finances behind real estate or process of buying a house. You could even sponsor an event at the local elementary school or volunteer at local charity events.

A great way to get your name out there is to get coverage from the local media or press. Keep it simply by taking out radio ads, pitching ideas to local journalists, or simply adding your spin to it. If you are lucky, you might get the opportunity to host your show covering various topics of interest to homeowners such as renovation tips and advice and more.

5. Using Newsletters or Magazines to Educate

The primary role of a real estate agent is not simply to sell but rather to educate. Real estate agents have the responsibility of helping their clients “connect the dots.” You can produce a community magazine containing essential real estate information, industry statistics, as well as upcoming events.

You can even send out an email newsletter providing the current interest rates, a few of the hottest listings, and projections on mortgage rates. Provide useful information for guiding the public about selling or buying property in your location and distinguish yourself as the authority.

6. Sending Just Sold/Listed Postcards

You probably think that there is nothing unique about this age-old marketing method. However, you might be surprised by how effective this strategy still is. Consistent direct mail marketing is not only recommended, but realtors from all over the country say that it is one of the most effective ways to generate leads offline.

7. Exercising Your Creativity

When it comes to unique ideas for marketing your real estate business, the possibilities are endless. It simply depends on you and the amount of effort and time that you are willing to put in as well as your ability to think differently. A good example of exercising one’s creativity is a realtor that holds “neighborhood parties” as opposed to open houses and has even purchased a branded moving truck for helping his clients use without having to pay anything.

The Bottom Line

Real estate marketing can take several different approaches. You can use either offline or online strategy as shown here. The seven strategies discussed here are guaranteed to make a difference especially with regards to lead generation.

Whatever strategies you choose to implement, ensure that you map out your plan and commit to it. It might take as much as six months or more to see a return, but it is well worth it. Don’t forget to track your ROI so that you know what methods are working and the ones that are not.

Finally, understand your unique value and sell it!